These Songs

Honorable Mentions

The songs below are important for understanding George Harrison’s musical career, but are left out of the main pages for various reasons. (This list is a work in progress!)

With the Beatles

George of course sang lead (or co-lead) on several Beatle records. Many were covers and a couple were original Lennon/McCartney compositions:

Los Paranoias

An impromptu jam during the “White Album” sessions is mysteriously credited to all four Beatles even though George is not present on the recording. This was first released on Anthology 3:

“Whenever” aka “When Every Song is Sung” aka “I’ll Still Love You”

George considered this song during the making of All Things Must Pass. It didn’t make the cut, but was offered to several other artists to record. Ronnie Spector, Cilla Black, Mary Hopkin, and Leon and Mary Russell never properly finished their recordings. The song remained unreleased until Ringo Starr recorded it for his album Ringo’s Rotogravure. George does not appear on any officially released version of this song:

The Pirate Song

On Boxing Day 1975, George appeared on Eric Idle’s sketch comedy show Rutland Weekend Television. Throughout the episode, George tries to get into several sketches dressed as a pirate to the chagrin of the other actors. The episode closes with George’s scheduled musical segment where he’s finally dressed as himself. The band begins playing the familiar intro to “My Sweet Lord,” but George quickly segues into a completely different song about pirates! This hilarious Eric Idle co-write has yet to be released officially:

Solo Cover Songs

George performed the songs of other artists right up until the end of his solo career. The last U.S. number one hit by any of the Beatles appears on this list:

Water Soundtrack

George’s HandMade Films released Water in 1985. George co-wrote two of the songs from its soundtrack. Some sources say George appears on the recordings, some sources say he doesn’t! I’m erring on the side of caution and including the two songs here rather than on the main page:

More to come!